Urgent : Unable to Copy DVD Movie to HDD?

Hello Friends!

I brought a few DVD movies and just to avoid any loss of movies because of any stratches, I thought of copying the movies to my HDD. I was successful with a few and faced problems with some others.

When I tried to copy the movies “After The Sunset”, it gave the following errors with the following softwares…

DVD Shrink:

DVD Decryptor:

Alcohol 120%:

I even tried to copy with Alcohol 12% with “Skip data read errors” activated, but there seemed to be some many errors, that it couldnt copy one movie in 12 Hrs. also.

Now, incase if there was really some problem with the data in the DVD, how come it played absolutely fine in my Phylips DVD player and even in the same DVD drive of my computer which I use to copy the movie. If there was any problem with the DVD, it wouldnt have played without any flaws. This clearly means that there is some problem with copying. This is not the case with just one movie but with many movies and all the disks are brand new without any stratches.

Can you please explan where things are going wrong so that I can correct them.

For your information, I am on Windows XP Pro SP2, Sony DVD Writer, 512 MB DDR RAM.

Thank you.

Are you using any software like AnyDVD or DVDFabdecrypter to beat the latest copyprotections (ARccOS for example)? if not then give it a try ;).

I did use AnyDVD also to overcome the copy protection, but no help…