Urgent - The Sims Deluxe Cd 2 Help

i copied the sims 1 deluxe edition(2cd) of a friend but i copied them the wrong way by dragging and dropping the files of each cd into a folder on the pc. it was a new computer so i didn’t have much software and i wasn’t connected to the internet otherwise i would of made the CDs a image. anyway i installed disk 1 fine by running the setup exe but then it asks for cd 2. because cd 2 is in a folder and not an image i cannot mount it to make the pc read it, it also doesnt have an exe file.
the files it does have are data3.cab, data4.cab, ranger.iff and rangerD.iff.

has anyone got any clue of how i can make cd 2 work by mounting it, burning it to cd or something.

sorry for the inconvenience but i would be greatly appreciated
urgent replies would be helpful cos I’m dying to play the game

i copied the sims 1 deluxe edition(2cd) of a friend but

This is ilegal.


sorry I don’t have a clue how you can get it to work I think the Quickest way to play the game is to go to your nearest shop and buy the game,

@dav12: Buy the original yourself and keep this forum free of illegal activities. Furthermore, 1 thread would have been enough, posting the same 4 times doesn’t help making it legal or get help faste.
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