URGENT Temperature Problem

Did hyperthreading make PC temerature hot.

and one more thing

i had connected one exhaust fan to my computer through my smps.
my smps went very hot.

i had coonected one cd-rw,harddisk,floppy drive,and cpu light to my smps.
my smps is quantum.

ac input 230 /115vac 50/60hz 2.5/5A

fuse rating :f5a 250vac

the fastes why tu get temp down … leave opned PC case.

u can always buy 12v fan and put into PC case :S

btw … post more info about your pc … motherbourd… CPU,RAM, what cooling system, etc

the best way to minimize heat is to put two fans in front(intake) and two fans at the back(exhaust) or one in the back and one on the side(both exhaust). most PC assemblers suggest this configuration…

untill you get the fan/s installed you can take the side off the case and use a small fan to into your case. this kept me gone when my fan went out untill i got a replacement