URGENT, pls Problem With Safedisc!



I am not sure about the version but A-Ray says 3.20.022.
The Title is: Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines
I want to create a mini-image.
OK, I’ve already searched the forum and found it:
BUT, the images don’t appear and without the images, the guide is not understandable! Please help! I’ve ran out of free space!!!
By the way, since I don’t have right to post to the thread above, I posted it here!


what’s the problem with this guide? it’s as simple as it can be…
just start reading the image, after the safedisc errors you stop reading, but DON’T delete the incomplete image file - that’s it…
btw, i’m not sure if this also works with protected dvd’s - since the DVD-Safedisc does not have (noticeable) read-errors…


the guide was easy to understand but since the images don’t appear, I couln’t tune the settings. I have chosen Safedisc 2/3 profile and then empty the checkbox near “Skip Read Errors” and it was successful. Thank you all guys but please fix the image link at the thread above :wink:


My guide worked fine on the settings I provided :confused:

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. I havnt tested it with SafeDisc DVDs, but would be intrested to know if it worked for them to.


I say that the thread is unlocked to all users so they can post their suggestions, thoughts and problems.

Right the program in the guide is Alcohol 120% (www.alcohol-soft.com), and on the left side you should click ‘Image making wizard’. Then select ‘SafeDisc 2/3’ under the ‘Datatype’ and select 1x for read speed. Then click next on the next page, then when the errors begin to appear, cancel the reading process and keep the in-complete files. Then mount it onto the Alcohol 120% virtual drive and you should be able to play it.

This won’t work for any other titles that arent SafeDisc protected.


But for bests result dont select “Safedisc 2/3” datatype, as it will then read more information than needed, all you need is “Skip reading errors” checked and the speed at 1x.

Ben :slight_smile:


OK, I explain what I’ve done:
Selected the mode for SafeDisc 2/3 In Alcohol 120% and UNCHECKED the box “Skip read errors” so it asked me to continue at the first error and I canceled (Remember, I just wanted to create a MINI-image.). Then it asked me to delete the image file and I clicked “NO”. The file was successful and appeared exactly as explained in the guide.


Ahhh, I see, my method was to allow reading errors, and when they started to appear in the log to click “cancel” yourself, either way will work.

Ben :slight_smile:


The mehtod I used is better, isn’t it?
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please modify the guide so the mini-images are as small as they can be :wink:


ps. I havnt tested it with SafeDisc DVDs, but would be intrested to know if it worked for them to.

I’ve just tested it with Prince of Persia Warrior Within (Safedisc 4.00 - DVD), and it works. I’ve read about 20 Mb of data before cancelling, just to be sure (it corresponds to the size of SD’s “signature”), but maybe it can also work with less.


Yep :iagree: tested with FarCry (UK - SafeDisc 3.20.022) and read bout 30/50mb.