URGENT OFFTOPIC: IIS5 starts and stops all Web-Services permanently



OK, offtopic I know but I can’t find an answer anywhere:

Our company is running IIS5 SP2 installed.
Since hours all Web-Services are stopped and started permanently every few minutes:
“IIS stop command received from user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. The logged data is the status code”
“Service terminated unexpectedly” error with an event ID of 7031

OK I know this is very few information but maybe someone can help…

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

  1. If you run it legally, you must have official Microsoft Support…tried that one yet?

Originally posted by FordPrefect

“Service terminated unexpectedly” error with an event ID of 7031

  1. perhaps you can search the knowledgebase with this event ID

  2. perhaps it is a hack by someone?

  3. if I could I would help more…sorry

Good luck


Looks like someone enter your system. Get those lame MS-guys out of there chair.

Sorry can’t help you. And I don’t think someone of us can this is not a simple problem. But you figured that out some hours ago isn’t it.


Make sure the IIS machine wasnt comprimised with the last few worms running around the internet. As of this morning over 12000 servers are supposed to be infected. That could be what s happening with your server. Otherwise, you might have to call up M$, because IIS is over my head


Problem solved, it was that f****ng worm, the latest patch from M$ finally did it! (for how long?)



i have had this prob too. If you are running Windows 2000 and have remote access enabled it can really SCREW up your INET connection!!! Especially wen u r running a proxy