URGENT! Need Moderately priced High quality DVD player +DIVIX

Ok fellow CDfreak members; I really need some advice here badly. I purchased a 30inch CRT Widescreen HDTV. I now need a DVD player, that will up convert to 1080i(my TV does this natively) play dvix, but most importantly I wanna make sure the picture quality of the player is good. My TV accepts HDMI etc…

IS it also possible to get a dvd player with a good remote, you know something with a speed.jog dial for rewind/forward?

I hear alot about this Philips model people talk about, raving of its price/performance ratio.

Any advice for me as to what make and models are good for around $80-$120us?

By the way all the movies that will be played in this machine will consist of my Tayo-Yuden burned DVD’s.