Urgent!Misflashed DVD burner,Mtkflash doesn't work,need help!



I misflashed a 4KUS 3S167 DVD firmware into a lite-on 1633S drive.It always blinks now.The device name can be seen in CMOS,but cannot be seen in WINDOWS. Eject button works.
I tried to use mtkflash,mtkwinflash to fix it,but both hung.In addition,mtkwinflash report “ERR: fail to identify the flash type!” LtnFW,EEPROM Utility cannot fix it as they cannot find the drive.
Help me,please.


Use MtkFlash for recovery. Hold down the eject button during the reboot. Use only 3S-7 class firmwares (i.e., 3S167, 1673S, or patched 1693S) on this drive.



ofkorz use bin file 4 your drive ;]


I tried this and it worked!
Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: