URGENT! lite-on 832 drive fails to read


I’m hoping someone can help , My Lite-on sohw 832 has recently stopped reading any discs. It matters not what disc I use, it simply fails to recognise any of them.

E.g I get this alot … “A disc with an unsporrted format in drive E”

not only that, my drive just makes a “clicking” sound as it spins the disc, & the light just flashes green , pls tell me what do i do ?

Its like the laser is not picking up the signals/reading them correctly.

Win Xp - Latest firmare ware VS0G.

Please help, I’ve only used this drive like 5 times in the last 8 months . :frowning:


have you recently done a firmware update that went wrong?


No ! the firmware update was 100% sucessful. The previous firmeware was
VSOE , I then updated to VSOG.

The drive wasnt playing discs with the VSOE firmware , so I decided to try updating to the newer firmware. However the results are the same , the drive just makes a constant clicking sound as the disc is spinning.

No DVD films work , no backups play…nothing, please advise

download and flash with this firmware: http://usuarios.lycos.es/liteonfirmz/firmz/CG5G.rar


what does that firmware do ?

it makes your drive work again…


if i use this firmware, can i then upgrade to newer versions ?


hi again

by using tis firmware , do i lose any burning capabilities i.e DL burning etc etc ?

pls note , i’m not ungrateful for your help, its just that i would like to understand what has gone wrong , so that in the future i can be more prepared.


any extra info apprecaited

there aren’t any newer versions. this is the latest firmware VS0G with some patches by C0deKing for better writing. it has all features as original 832s firmware, but this is a bit better.

Hi chok0

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but how do i flash a rar.document ?

do i need a specific program ? The lite-on firmwares tend to upload themselves, I do not know what to do with this file, plese explain a bit more…thanks

you have to unpack the file with winrar or any other unpacker. inside there’s the flasher program, just run it.


how do i know if i have the winrar program ? if i do not have this, where can i download this winrar from ? Finally what other "unpacker " programs are useable ? does Winzip work with this ?

sorry again for all the questions, i’m a NEWBIE (Thick b’stard)

get winrar here: http://rarlab.com/rar/wrar342.exe

i don’t use winzip, but i think it can handle .rar archives… just test it. you can’t do anything wrong :slight_smile:


thanks for the quick reply, I’ll play it safe & download the Winrar program, after that I’ll flash the player. I hope this fixes the reading problem.

I’ll be back :wink:

Hi chok0

I’ve done the upgrade, thanks for that !..however , the problem persists.

The drive is still just clicking. I have (manually) pushed the drive in & this sometimes gets the drive to read the disc, then sometimes it doesnt. I think theres a fault with the tray mechanism, what do you think ?

Any advice from hardware experts much appriecated


bring the drive back to where you bough it. seems like a hardware failure.

Hi Chok0

I’ve returned the drive back to my local retailer, in return he has given me the
Lite-on sohw 1673 as a direct swap. I hope this drive is good.

Thanks for all your help, its great that forums such as these exist , it helps us Newbies out to no end…once again thanks