URGENT info on headphones!

I want to buy headphones and i’ve narrowed it down to these two models by Sennheiser - HD212 and HD497. HD212 costs 50 eur (around $64) and has deeper and better bass (Freq response 12Hz-19KHz). HD497 costs 65 eur (around $84) but has better treble (freq response 24Hz-22KHz). I know it’s also matter of personal taste BUT i will use winamp and equlizers so on which frequencies would it be better compensated - high or low? I mean where would i be able to get better results? Which chances are better: getting better bass on HD497 or getting treble on HD212?

get a pair of Sony MDR-V600 (~$70-99 USD) and forget compromising - 5Hz-30KHz frequency response. i’ve purchased 3 pairs of these over the last 10 years or so. a little bulky, but sound quality is EXCELLENT for the price.

I like Grado’s. They’re the best sounding headphones for soundcards and unamplified sources.

You can buy the SR-60 for $70 or the SR-80 for $95


Sony MDR-V600 aren’t too bad considering that they’re sold to the mass-market.

I used to own a pair before I got my Grados.

grados are highly regarded as the best headphones, but are hard to find. and im not so sure the lower-end versions really live up to the reputation.

good source for headphone info: www.head-fi.org

Koss Porta Pro have a very good reprutation while not being that expensive, they’re also excellent for portable audio sources such as mp3players, walkman etc. The only thing that may be bad or really good depending on taste is the design.

Thanks for the recommendations. Although i’ll try, i don’t think i’ll find them to check them out where i live.