Urgent - I'm stuck with an ill-flashed drive!


I have a NEC 3540A drive.
Lately I found out that it doesn’t read certain media DVDs.
I then went and flashed it using NEC’s official firmware.

I had firmware v1.01 or v1.02, I can’t exactly remember anymore…
The problem is that I mistakenly flashed a wrong 3550A firmware (v1.06).

When I discovered the mistake, I tried to BinFlash 3540A’s v1.04, but BinFlash shouts “Firmware is for a different drive”.

Next, I dumped my current firmware (3550A v1.06) and stupidly enough patched some strings in it to change it to 3540A v1.02…

Halfway through the re-flash of this patched firmware I received a “Error submitting checksum” message…

I KNOW that my drive is 3540A.
What I need is some BinFlash version that would let me do a raw flash of the 3540A 1.04 firmware - no questions asked (and no verifications made).

That’s the best choise I seem to have.



Welcome to the forum.

Are you sure the drive is a 3540 and not a 3450?
If the drive is truly a 3540 then just use Binflash and a proper 3540 firmware from our site. http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com and Binflash will be able to flash your drive.

Hi Dee, thanks for the reply.

My old invoice says it’s a 3540A. Just to be 100% sure, I shutdown my pc and looked at the back of the drive itself and I’m ashamed to say it’s a 3550A…

Thanks for the eye-opening comment :eek:

Thanks :clap: