Urgent! How to burn avis, mpegs, wmv, anything... to DVD-R?

I’ve got music videos, bunch of DivX DVD rips, TV shows, and some stuff not to be spoken off (haha) … would like cheap and easy way to burn to DVD. I’ve done a bunch of research and I’ve seriously installed like 10 programs and they were all shit… can’t even remember half of em… most of which costed money (booo)

converting to .vob right? I’ve got the nero suite that came with my pioneer 16x burner, and I can burn dvds but they gotta be vobs.

nero visionexpress

that only lets me make a VCD… the “other” alternatives get some pop up saying you have to pay for MPG2 encoding/etc. I don’t want VCDs… I want DVDs…

u’ll need a visionexpress key