Urgent Help With Dvr 107-d Required Pls Read This

Hi people having a few issues with my dvd burner hoping someone can help me out here please.

[u]The Problem[/u]

Ive been using the same batch of dvd’s now for the past month or two with no problems last night I needed to free some memory on my PC by ripping off some mp3s to DVD when I started everything was the usual I hit burn on Nero and the disc was spat out at me and a box appeared saying the DVD didnt have enough free memory on, I tried a few more discs and all ended the same way with this error. When I go into my computer and hoover over the d:/ the disc info reads 0Bytes used and 0Bytes free I thought defect discs but when I borrowed a few off my mate again still the same thing happened.

[u]The Solutions Ive Tried[/u]

Ive tried a few things to see what may be wrong firstly I went into the disc info on Nero and saw that Nero picked the disc up to be empty with 4.7Gb free memory so I ruled out the posibility of it been defect discs especially when I tried my mates out too, I then thought to ask a msn buddy his advise he said to free up some HD memory has I only had 1.92Gb free he thought I required at least 3-5Gb free in order to burn a DVD so I sorted out just over 6Gn to be on the safe side and still nothing happened I then thought maybe its a problem with the writer so got out a cd to try that put it in the machine and it burnt fine so I next tried the drivers out I tried a update and they wasn’t one then a roll back but none was available to roll back to after this I was seriously starting to stress, I did a virus scan which came up with nothing I then decided to start thinking hardware maybe I removed the IDE cables from the drive and deleted the drivers from my system rebooted my machine the did same again with the IDE back in to get new drivers from scratch up on doing this I still have the problem.

The Begging

Please people I need any advise to sort this maybe you’ve had this problem yourself or your just a PC wizzkid who has answers to everything, Im using XP server pack 2 with a Pioneer DVR 107-D Writer and burning with Nero Ive not installed any new hardware or software recently or changed any system controls except the drivers I removed as mentioned your help will be very much appreciated thanks

This way is not useful.
DVD recordable media is not native supported by XP etc.
Explorer with it’s bugs would give you back only useless info.

Open your real burning app, check the disc info and you’ll get the info you want.

:bow: Many thanks for your help mate but at present its unrequired I got the probelm sorted, god knows what went on but it looks like my messing around has paid off and its now working again :clap: if I need any help in the future I will be sure to come back here for advise :iagree: cracking site.

Sounds great.