{URGENT HELP NEEDED} TS-H552u won't work

Hello I require urgent assistance, i purchased a internal samsung TS-H552u write master about 6 months ago and since then it has been nothing but trouble, after i first baught it i stuffed up the installaition and ended up having to get a computer shop to do it and ever since then it still has troubles reading discs, everynow again the light would flash and the cd would spin like crazy but to no avail, i would take the cd out and it would be very hot, since i purchased to burner this problem has become more and more common it would until recently i got a nasty virus and had to delete my whole c drive and reinstall windows, since then the burner doesn’t work at all, it comes up in my computer as 2 drives! a G drive and a E drive, when i ever i try to burn something programs pick up to drive either as g or e or sometimes both but when i put in a blank dvd it says there nothing in there, so today i discovered your website and found firmware for my drive so i tried to install it and at the end it said firmware failed restarting computer, then when my computer turned back on the light for my burner is always on and the tray won’t open! :a :a please don’t ignore this thread your help would be greatly appreaciated… :bow:

damn no help???

Check the cable and connections, maybe you should replace the IDE cable.
Also try to use Nero Drivespeed to set the readspeed of the drive slower to avoid noise.

And, use a proper and actual burning app.

With the light on constantly and the tray locked closed, I would imagine your drive will be unusable unless you can do a recovery of the firmware update you attempted on it. It’s possible that it can be recovered with the mtkflash or mtkwinflash utilities as it is apparently a Mediatek-based drive, but I’ve never done that recovery on one of those myself so I can’t say for sure. In the future you should attempt firmware updates in safe mode to avoid these types of scenarios which can be a major hassle to recover from.

im sick of this trash burner i think ill js get another one what would be the best internal drive??? i want something that’s fast but very reliable

so any1 got any suggestions for what rom i should buy the most important thing is reilabaility but speed would be good, also wot’s a good lightscribe burner? and are the discs hard to find?

Just look into the optical hardware section. Similar questions answered there.

i decided to go with the LG - GSA-4166B good choice??? anything i should know about this drive???

Why not the 4167?

i was under the impression the 4166b was newer and therfor more more advanced

LG 4167B and LG 4166B are the same apart from lightscribe in the later

yeh i wanted a light scribe, anything i should know about it???