Urgent Help Needed.. System Freezing!



I’ve had this problem for a while now. I am using Windows XP Professional. My system would freeze upon insertion of a CD in the CD-Drive. This freezing doesn’t always occur… it is random, but occurs upon insertion of the CD in the drive. The mouse pointer cannot be moved, pressing they keyboard, CTRL+ALT+DEL, nothing would work. The whole system would just freeze, and the only way to turn it off and restart is to pull the power cord out.

I formatted my comp a while back and that didn’t solve the problem. It does the same thing with the Windows Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed or uninstalled so I doubt that SP2 is the culprit.

I don’t think it is caused by my CD Drive (Hardware) either. I am currently using a DVD Writer/CD Writer drive. My previous one was an NEC ND-1100A which is also a DVD Writer/CD Writer… it broke and was replaced under warranty with another drive that is equivalent, but a different brand. This new drive is a different brand and it does the same thing so I also doubt that’s the problem.

What I noticed recently is that when I use Alcohol 120%'s virtual drive… upon mounting an image, it would also sometimes freeze up.

So anyone got any ideas? Or is anyone experiencing this too? I’m really stumped. This problem is really annoying… whenever I insert a CD or Mount An Image on a virtual drive, it would either freeze up the system, or work. I keep having to rescan my hard drive to make sure I didn’t damage it whenever I pull the power cord out… but since it happens randomly whenever I use the CD drive or mount an image… it’s just a matter of time before my Hard Drive gets damaged.

Please Help.


What is the configuration of all your IDE devices (primary/secondary channel, jumper settings on drives, transfer mode in BIOS, etc…)? You might also try a new IDE ribbon cable. But, it is strange about the virtual drive doing the same thing.


Check power supply - they can cause strange behaviours! The only way to be sure is to try another PSU to see if that solves the problem.


What IDE controller drive are you using? What burning software is installed? What media players?


Did you get these problems with a freshly installed windows (no / little other software installed)? Or did the problem occur after you had installed all your software? My first thought would be to look at any drivers you have installed…chipset drivers for instance can cause such problems (what motherboard / chipset do you have?).

Eliminate software as the culprit before you start checking hardware. :iagree:


You could also try different ide cables…


this might seem random as i don’t know any spyware or adware that would do this but try a spyware and adware remover
try spybot search and destroy

  • do a full virus scan
    this might if your super lucky might solve it or just speed up your computer
    with someone like Norton anti virus or McAlfee


I got 2 Hard Drives & 2 CD-Drives (DVD Writer & CD Writer)

My MAIN Hard Drive is connected on the motherboard using SATA.

My Primary IDE on the motherboard has my BACKUP Hard Drive connected (Master).

My Secondary IDE on the motherboard has my DVD Burner (Master) and CD Burner (Slave) connected.

I was also thinking about the IDE ribbon, but yes virtual drive does the same thing. It happened a couple of times using ALCOHOL 120%. System froze up upon mounting an image. I removed Alcohol 120% recently to see if it fixes the problem. It worked good for a couple of days, then upon installing a software today, I inserted CD2 and it froze up again! So I guess that didn’t fix it.


This is what is shown under IDE Controllers in Device Manager:

Intel® 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers
Intel® 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage controllers
Primary IDE Channel
Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel

Burning softwares I currently have installed are: Nero 6, Blindwrite 5

I also had Alcohol 120% but I removed Alcohol 120% around a week ago but it didn’t solve the problem.

Media Players are:

Windows Media Player
Nero Showtime


Yes, I have uninstalled XP, formatted, then reinstalled XP. Still does the same thing.

I actually had Win XP HOME before and I don’t recall this happening. I think it only started once I started using Win XP Professional (Which I am currently using). Although I don’t recall anyone using XP Professional having this problem. :confused:


I don’t think thats it. I did consider this though, but remember, it does the same thing when I mount an image in a virtual device so I don’t think it’s the cable or the cd hardware itself. :confused:


I am very aware of spywares. I’m pretty sure I have a clean system. I do scan my system every now and then and as well as for viruses. :iagree:


I am a new “member” and have exactly the same symptoms with a new PC running XP Home with SP2 and all updates and 2 CD/DVD Drives (NEC DVD RW ND-2510A. and HL DT ST DVD ROM GDR8163B). Both these drives cause Windows to “Freeze” as you describe and I have to switch off the mains. This happens three quarters of the time I insert CDs or DVDs to read. My problem happens with a variety of media from different sources. I installed SP2 immediately after purchase so I do not know if my problem existed before. Did you ever find a solution?


I have been having the same problem, and I think it may be related to Roxio or similar drivers, as it seems to be the only consistency that I can surmise, and this is the 3rd time I’ve experienced this problemd.

I proceeded to post this very question in the Alcohol support forum, but that became suprisingly similar to being as much fun as doing taxes, as the UI was not as straight forward as I had hoped, and I had to play email tag with support. I did eventually get everything resolved, but forgot about this issue until I just now ran into it again, and decided to do a search to see if anyone else had run into this and found a solution.

I used to be in support, but it’s been years, and I am not up on the learning curve with MCSE-related admin (I crossed over into a new field after the NT4 MCSE when I heard MS was going to discontinue the tract, prior to all of this becoming a stink with everyone, and MS eventually relenting), so if I need to post anything for anyone else to help those of us seeking a solution in this thread, please let me know if you’re up to helping, and I’ll post what is needed. I have HiJackThis, but only a general understanding of it in that it gives you a comprehensive view of drivers loaded, etc. Would that help in this case if that were posted by those of us who are having issues?

Ok, probably too much info, but I’m on a roll, the coffee is still hot, and I just took my vitamins, so bear with me.

I was loading and unloading my .iso images via the R-click in Windows Explorer, which works great for me (using Alcohol 120% v1.9), and then I upgraded to the latest version, 1.9.5 (Build 3823), which is apparently now outdated from the new version available message I am getting upon opening the program. Now, I just went to change my .iso images on my virtual drive, and it took over 10 minutes for the CD to become available (the virtual cd setup by alcohol).

I also remember installing my Roxio EMC 8, and I’m pretty sure that’s when the problem started. It may also be Nero 7 Premium as well, as they both have more “tools” they try to load by default, which I have not taken care of at the moment, but usually do.

I would suggest that those of you who are not familiar with hardware support or A+ Techie type of stuff, check and see if you are running any programs for any CD-Burning software. If you don’t know how to do that, post it in here and maybe someone can post a short version of how to do that. I would do it now, but I’m kind of in a time squeeze right now, and wanted to get this posted.

Anyway, I just wanted to post here and let those of you who are having the same problem to try and get all of your “resident” CD-Burning software ended via the Task Manager, and see if that works. You may need to dig deep on that, but tread lightly, as you don’t want to mess your system up, and if you’re not comfortable, keep reading on and post what you’re not sure about, and people in these forums are usually very helpful as long as you’re trying to solve the problem, and not expecting people to do all the work for you.

Hope this helps, and I’ll dig up more info and post it if your solution hasn’t been found yet.

Sorry for the long post.



Things to check/try. Make sure that you don’t have Sonic DLA installed, or Nero INCD. If it’s still hanging up, try disabling auto run on your cd/dvd drive.