Urgent Help Needed Ripping to MP3 Player

Hi everyone

Please forgive this question but I have hunted the net with no luck finding an answer.

I bought my 12 year old a cheap MP3 player with 1GB memory on it. Didn’t want to spend heaps at this stage as he is only 12 not sure how often he will use it.

I have been using Windows Media Player to rip across his CD’s to the MP3 player which has worked OK, until…

I reached the 6th CD and it is now telling me no room on the disk. How can this be if there is 1GB on the player and I have only ripped 5 CD’s.

I’m doing this bit by bit every night when he goes to bed as it is a surprise for his birthday and am stuck now as I don’t know what to do.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

At 320k maybe 6 long CDs could be too much.

Media player can encode in the simplest and least effective MP3 format (CBR mode) at bitrates of:
128k / 192k / 256k / 320k (actually, I thought you had to buy the higher rate encoder - used to on previous versions unless you got a hacked one).

Other rippers can use LAME in “preset mode” - alt-preset standard uses VBR (variable bit rate) for typically better quality and slightly smaller size than 256k CBR.

May need to re-rip at a lower encoding… actually, even 128k CBR is probably adequate for general purpose headphones