Urgent Help Needed PLS

Help Pls
I got an ASUS 1608P thats a bit poor on the burning of +r.
I plan on upgrading the firmware but pls which is the very best to use.

1 Asus 1.5
2 Buffalo 8.5 because of bitsetting availability.
3 Pioneer 109
4 Pioneer A09XL

Pls advise me ,Asus does not support bitsetting at all except for+rw

Need reliable and quality burns.
Media used at mo is Rtiek +r 8x R03
Philips +r 8x Infome R20

Either the A09 or Buffalo is best. They both perform identically when burning however the A09 has the advantage of rip lock removed and Buffalo has the advantage of bitsetting +R media to DVD-ROM. Basically decide would you like faster ripping or bitsetting because unfortunatley you can’t have both. Seeing as you are using +R media I might suggest the Buffalo firmware to improve compatibility of those discs. Be warned however that they Buffalo is outdated at 1.50 where as the A09 is now up to 1.55. The changelog for 1.55 stated improved quality writing for both +R and -R media. Come to think of it after this long rant just flash A09 to 1.55. If your players play unbitsetted +R discs then you should have no problems.

Thanks for that.
Just flashed to A09Xl ,all is good now.
Do you think that it may be possible to get round the rpc control eventually ?.

Rover! So I guess the ASUS 1608 is a Pio 109 rebag?

Yes, it is an Pio109 OEM.

Regioncode free for the 109 can only be achieved using software solutions yet.

Yes as chef says ,it’s a Pio109 rebadge.
Only found this out by accident ,but hey Pio’s are good bits o kit so i’m not complaining.
1608 as Asus stock unit tho is a bit slow on access times and burns can be a bit ropey ,but cured all that with crossflash to Pio firm and use of quiet drive util.