Urgent help needed on 2 modles of LG Sata Drives

The plce where i ordered my rig from have sent me a emailt his morning and when icame back home at 10pm i read it.

It has said the GSA-H30NBAL has been DISCONTINUED!!!

I rechecked their website and found the GSAH62NBAL but cannot remember if it was up on thier site from when i was ordering the discontinued drive!!!
now im confused which one is newer and better:S

I really need a urgent reply :bow: from a few people as i have to ring them in the morning because i been waiting for ages for it to be dispatched (my scythe s-flex fan was out of stock which held my order up:S)

Please guys i owe u one

Amrit :sad:

The GSA-H62N is the newer and better drive. Read the GSA-H62L mini review, which is basicly the same drive with Lightscribe.


I can finally get my stuff by friday. Wish there was a thanks button i can press:D :bow:

I have the 62L and it’s my fastest accurate burner. The 62L has problems like most all my new high speed drives and that is burning older 4X media but i have other burners for those discs.

Yup im got a samsun 203 on order to as a second drive :smiley:

Now from what i have seen this is a very good drive too. :iagree::bigsmile:

I wanted to get both the H62 and The Samsung but i have far to many drive in my tower. No more space (internally) to connect them. lol !!

Happy burning. :clap:

:bigsmile: Even us Armor owners have problems with not having enough drive bays :iagree: :doh:

Life is so cruel to us. What am i going to do with only 7 internal drives :confused:. lol !! J/K :D:bigsmile: