Urgent help needed for Liteon LTC-48161H

I have a Liteon Combo drive LTC-48161H. My system config is P-III 1.3 GHz, Intel 815E MoBo, NVidia GeForce4 Ti4200 with AGP 8X, 256 MB SDRAM PC133, 60 GB HDD.
My problem is that while the drive burns a 24x CD-RW properly, whenever I try to burn a CD-R at 32x or above the CD-R is burnt normaly till around 35-40%.
Then suddenly for a second the LED on the drive indicates a buffer underrun i.e. Red color (Nero doesn’t indicate it) and then returns to normal color i.e. Yellow.
From that moment the write speed drops to 16x and stays 16x till the end of the burn process and Nero indicates that burn completed successfully.
Data verification fails and it fails in that very file which was being burnt when the LED color changed to Red.
My firmware is KH0Q. There is one more problem. Ever since firmware KH0P the drive which is connected to a 40 conductor cable has been showing a boot message
“Use 80-Conductor cable”. When I use 80-Conductor cable the message goes away and the drive shows up as a UDMA-0 device on my i815E MoBo and as a ATA-44 on an ASUS NForce2 Ultra board.
The drive came with a KH0F firmware and when I revert to any firmware below KH0P this message disappears and the drive shows up as ATA-33 device.
I had sent it for RMA three times and it was sent back as it is to me. Then I took it myself to the Liteon distributor and on his P-4 system it surprised me by working flawlessly.
Yet when I brought it back home the problem still exists. The Liteon distributor was not able to answer as to why the drive showed up as ATA-44 on his system too.
The Liteon distributor’s system had Windows 98 SE and Nero
I am using Windows XP Pro SP1 and have not yet installed Intel Accelerator or any other CD burning software this time. I have been using the latest version of Nero 6.
I would like to add that the simulation goes well till the end, but when it is about to be 100% the drive LED turns Red for a moment and then goes off and the message appears that simulation completed successfully.
Nero InfoTool shows that Nero ASPI is installed while system ASPI is not (I believe that this is normal for Windows NT/2000/XP).
Can anyone answer my plea for help because my warranty is running out.

does it burn ok @kh0p or prior? if so revert and be happy! the changelog doesn’t mention anything earthshattering so i doubt you would notice otherwise.

It was faulty before too and the sad thing is that I am unable to prove it at the Liteon distributors’ machine. I have tested it on other machines as well including at the dealer from whom I purchased this drive. But everywhere the drive failed to burn properly, hence the dealer advised me to go to distributor.
BTW the drive shows up as UDMA-3 in the Windows XP device manager.

All that matters is that it’s not in PIO mode. And the transfer mode is mostly determined by your system and installed drivers, not by the drive or the drive’s firmware version.

You could try your luck with forcing it to UDMA-2 (33MB/sec), which is a bit more common. Also make shure not to use an online virus scanner while burning and use no other devices on the same bus for the moment. Check that your hard disk is using DMA.

Agreed to everything, but the fact is that on almost all the systems the drive is acting abnormally except at the distributor’s machine. All I want to know is that are all LTC-48161H drives UDMA-3 like mine or is my drive abnormal? and is there any way for me to prove that my drive is abnormal?