Urgent help. Maxtor hard hard drive failed!

I have been fitting a new hard drive. Basically I think I overloaded the amount of power the computer can cope with, I have lost for certain 2 DVD burners (wont work in any PC) and for the few seconds it was on there was a strong burning smell from the computer. Anyway, my Maxtor 160GB also seems dead. I really need to find a way to get this data onto the new drive. I have tried on both the SATA cables and neither works, being that it isnt recognised by the BIOS. Once I have Windows installed on the new drive is there any other way to get Windows to recognise the Maxtor?

Any help would be great.


If it’s not in the BIOS, I don’t think so unfortunately. Specialized firms may be able to open it up and retrieve something from the platters, but that’ll cost $$$

Thanks for confirming that so I don’t waste more time on it. The data wasnt personal, just will take me ages to re-download.

Better get started…

Ben :slight_smile:

The harddrive itself might be ok, it’s possible the controller PCB has failed, if you had another drive the same i guess you could swap the contoller cards and recover the data. (dangerous to attempt though.) :slight_smile:

Thats not a real hard job you need to be carefull. I did one on my 160 Maxtor and when I buy drives I always try to get 2. There is a guy selling the boards on ebay but you can buy another drive cheaper just make sure the nunbers are the same. several sizes will fit as I bought a used 120 mb to get mine back up Maxtor will not sell a board. The guy on ebay posts a lot of info on his listings, so it is worth reading. The board can be changed without breaking the seal.


Excellent idea indeed. Saved many harddrives with that method. Just make sure you have exactly the same PCB.

I have seen a guide to doing this on a web site some where, I cant remember the link but a search will help you.

Have you had a go with the drive in a working computer to make sure its dead ?
Just make sure nothing writes to the drive before you try to get the data off, and then if you have problems I have used spinrite to do this a few times and it works well, in fact this box is running on a 200GB maxtor I was given because the owner said it was dead and a year on its still working fine for me :bigsmile: after spinrite sorted it.

Good tip with the boad replacement, I’ll try that next time a drive dies! I didn’t know an overloaded power supply can fry components, that sux!