Urgent Help! DVD burner

I own an HP 940e external dvd burner and it seems that is about to die (the verification fails constantly; actually it is easy to see that some areas of the dvds are not burned properly )

I don’t have complains, it lasted long enough ( i think) . I have always used the same media (Verbatim) I guess I gonna have to change my burner. Previously, I owned a LG GSA 2166D but I don’t know why I lasted just about 4 or 5 months. ( probably burned just 300 dvds).

Here is what a Want: A dvd burner for burning DVD-/+R. ( no interested in DVD-RAM, Double Layer or Lightscriber) I prefer quality and speed and resistance since i do very heavy burning.

Since there are several brands and they are about the same price I would appreciate some suggestions.

Thanks a lot!

I would recommend a Lite-on 18A1P or Samsung 182D, both are 18x models. It is going to be impossible to find a burner these days without at least the dual layer burning. Both of these drives do have DVD-RAM as well, but it does not decrease the functionality of either one. Personally, I would go with the Lite-On because of the capability of booktyping and consistent quality scanning. The Samsung is an excellent burner, but without those 2 all-important (to me at least) features. :smiley:

I’ll second the Samsung suggestion - love mine to bits. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I was looking for that model and I found the LITE-ON LH-20A1, it is a new model i guess. Should I go for that one?.

I only have experience of the LightScribe version, but it’s a good drive, and does quality scanning. :slight_smile: