Urgent help! dvd authoring

Hi people on cdfreaks,

I really need help on advice on authoring a dvd. right now, i have a .wmv file that i have from combining lots of my orchestra’s performances during the whole year. everything is edited, but the problem is that i want to create custom chapter markers for each song, instead of how windows dvd maker only lets you create markers like every 5 minutes or something. This is less important, but if there is one, can you recommend a software that also lets you make your own template/dvd menu. i dont really care about price now…just reccomend one that woks on vista home premium with 1gig of memory (oh, and a download program please)

Thank you!


Use Advanced X Video Converter to join the wmv files into the chapters that you want. Also check out this site: http://www.321slideshow.com/wmv-joiner.htm. Then go here to get the authoring program: http://www.allformp3.com/wmv-to-dvd.html You can also use DVD Santa.

Try to use Nero7Vision or Nero7Record.

umm…does dvd santa let me create custom chapters or a custom menu? and yeah, i know how i can convert wmv to dvd - i have ConvertXToDVD already, which makes it simple, if not irritating, as it doesnt allow me to add custom markers shakes fist uh, TCAS, you mean Nero Vision 4, which is only purchased with the rest of the nero bloatware right? yeah, can i have more suggestions please? thanks for the help so far

Check into DVD Lab Pro. That one will let you do what you want +.
It is semi pro DVD authoring software with lots of feature, custom menus, chapters, navigation, and so on. Nero and similar are just basic software, not let you do too much on your own.
They have 30 day try.

doesnt dvd lab force you to import as .m2v? i want a program that can import .wmv, which were made from microsoft movie maker

You can demux with VOBedit and get m2v file. Just get a file for each chapter.

Ulead Studio, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas will all imput wmv files and allow you to add custom chapter markers, menu’s, etc. There are many other softwares which will allow you to do this as well…

demux? sorry, i’m a REAL REALLY newbie at some of this cd/dvd stuff. hm…adobe premiere crashes (at least the beta did) when importing on vista, i might try sony vegas or ulead studio. a guy i know suggested pinnacle studio 11? is that good? ive heard its bloatware though,…

Some programs require you to “demux” (separate the audio and video) before you do your editing–then rejoin it after your done. It’s an extra step many people stay away from, but if you need to edit the audio while leaving the video untouched, this is obviously a requirement.

Your project will be an easy one if you use TMPGEnc DVD Author. There is a 14 day free trial version you can download from the link below.
-Import your video file into the program which will load as one large chapter.
-Split the large chapter into smaller chapters at the start of each song/performance.
-Switch to Menu Mode and pick a template you think will work best with the number of songs/chapters you have. Then you can edit the menu by changing the main title, the background photo, and rename each chapter to the song name (performance date…whatever). That way, on your finished menu you can select a single song/performance to play, or select the “Play All” button. If you have too many songs (chapters) to display on one menu, the program will create as many menu screens as you need.
-You can then burn your DVD right from TMPGEnc, or save it in a folder on your hard drive to burn with whatever program you prefer to use.

Note that you can also get carried away and create menus with background video/music playing, and chapter selections with thumbnail images just like commercial DVDs if you want.

Have fun.


Pinnacle 11 isn’t a bad program, but it isn’t necessarily good either. I have seen a lot more people with negative comments about it, than I have any of the others.

Many of the comments you got from the others are good. TMPGenc is a good program, but if you are a beginner, and are wanting to do a lot of things, you would be far better to start with something like Ulead Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, or Vegas Movie Studio. All of these are good entry level through advanced, depending upon if you want to use the wizards, or bypass them and use your own creative controls. I have only used older versions of TMPGenc a couple of times, and I didn’t have any problems with them, but I didn’t find it as broad or intuitive as some of the others I listed. It all comes down to your level of experience, and just how much you want to do.

i just figured out i hadnero 7 ultra - it comes with vision 4, which is an authorer, so wondering if that is good. is it? can i make custom chapters/menus without overfilling my 4.7 gig disk, with a movie that is 2 hours 7 min…is that possible?

thanks for all the help so far!

Nero is capable of doing quite a bit with video. Only problem is that it is a Transcoder and not an Encoder. Video ENCODING is much better than TRANSCODING.

I just used Nero Vision 4…its not the best video i think i would ever see, but it at least does the job - at least WAY better than windows DVD maker ;). anyways, it is OK, but not really up to my expectations - out of 10, ill give it a 4.5 or so - its user interface is relatively easy, but it lacks so many features that i might’ve want to have - for editing, even windows movie maker is better :slight_smile:

what? what’s a transcoder…as i said earlier, i am quite a newbie at this sort of terminology…i mean, nero does my job, but nothing else, except hog system resources (disk space + memory) :wink:

A piece of software that converts files from one format to another, particularly audio and video.

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I think cremestar was referring to harley2ride’s post about transcoders vs encoders. Transcoder can be used as a general term, as platinumsword just explained, but in mpeg2 compression discussions, a transcoder is a type of software that reduces the size of the video in a certain, slightly inferior way to that of a full encoding program.

A transcoder like DVDShrink or NeroRecode compresses only a certain type of information in the mpeg2 videos stream. It uses the “residual” pixel data and leaves the motion vectors untouched. Using an encoder, like Procoder or CCE, everything is included, and the motion vectors are recalculated.

This thread includes a brief description of the process (in the 9th post), as explained by the author of DVDShrink. It is probably more technical than most need to know, but it does show that with high compression levels, the transcoders are more prone to producing artifacts in the output.

Nicely said Kerry56!

Thank you kerry56! then are there any good encoders that can help with authoring as well 9by the way, i already finished my job with the xtremely basic nero vision - it does nothing more than what i need, but not everything i want…

As I stated above, the softwares with good encoders are Adobe Premiere and Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas Studio and Vegas Movie Studio, TMPGenc, ProCoder Ulead Studio/Movie Factory, and a few others.