URGENT! Errors on CD's even though no bad sectors reported!

First, let me tell you my specs: Äà íèéë

P3 933Mhz
640MB Ram at 133Mhz
60Gig Harddrive
Stealth 3 graphic card



Samsung SW-408B - Firmware BS04 - speed 8x8x32

OK now here is my problem:

Maybe about 90% of the time I make a disc image using a 1:1 copy program such as CCD, BlindWrite, and others, there are always read errors in the image that do not get reported as bad sectors in Disc Image creation.

For example, I make a CD image using CCD. It will say 0 bad sectors, etc… So it looks fine so far…

Then I burn the image unto CD and most of the time there is a random bad sector in there… Like when I’m installing the game from the copy the CD-Rom will hang, stay busy, and stuff…

I can understand why it’s happening when I read with Samsung writer, but I can’t understand why it happens when I read with my DVD-Rom too!!!

My Samsung writer seems like it makes NO ATTEMPT to use ANY ECC because it reads through a whole SafeDisc CD in a couple mins and DOESN’T REPORT ANY BAD SECTORS!!!

No matter what, the SamSung writer always reports 0 bad sectors, but the CD that I burn will most likely contain an error…


Judging from your report I would say your writer is the problem… It’s creating errors that shouldn’t be there! Maybe it’s time for a new one?? Please note that I can’t be sure it’s your writer that has broke down but like I said it does seem like it…

I’m pretty sure that the problem is not that my burner doesn’t write properly anymore…

I only have this problem with 1:1 copies… I don’t have them if I use those other generic programs such as EasyCD or NTI CD-Maker…

Maybe the problem is that my CD drives are not capable of good-quality audio extraction because that is the trick the RAW programs work with, right?

Sorry for misunderstanding your question…,

According to the CloneCD hardware requirements your Samsung is fully compatible with the CloneCD RAW reading modes… But there are indeed sometimes problems with Audio CD’s. Audio should be read at a lower speed because it’s more sensitive to errors. I had the same problem with my old Sony CRX 120 which, when reading audio at a high speed, would make a crappy back-up of an audio disc (songs would stutter, tick, etc.) but at a lower speed the process would go fine. So I think your Samsung has the same problem (and your DVD too).

I don’t have your hardware so I can’t be sure. All I can tell you is that the hardware I now have my Plextor can read audio at full speed without any problems but my Toshiba DVD will only read it at a low speed with audio (it won’t go faster). Plextor is known for its high and stable DAE speeds.