URGENT: CdRWin problem!

Hello my fellow Americans and Non-Americans

This is my problem:

Whenever i attempt to burn disks on CdrWin (newest beta), I always get a “Write Error…blah blah” after I’m asked to enter the disk after my burner successfully makes the image file. I’m not new to this error nor do i not know some troubleshooting trips to fix this problem, but so far I have NOT gotten it to work.

I am using a HP CD-Writer PLUS 8200 series. There’s a setup disk that comes with it to install HP-cdwriter plus, but unfortunately with the install, it forces me to install EASY CD CREATOR and DIRECT CD, 2 programs I dispise. I dont even really think the installation disk is required because the computer recognizes it as a Hp Cd-writer plus 8200 series even without the disk installation. I installed CDRWIN completely after the EZ cd creator installation, and it worked for a day, but after that i got errors ranging from DAO RECORDING errors to the infamous WRITE COMMAND FAILED error. What the hell happened???

These are my computer specs:
700 mhz Athlon processor
128 Mb of Ram
and by the way I am using WINDOWS ME, although im seriously debating whether i should get WINDOWS 98 SE cause ME pisses the hell out of me. And i thought ME would be better than NT, i should of kept NT!!

And yes, i have DMA transfer ON, auto-insert off, turned off every freakin program with cTRL+delete+ALT. Is there any freakin way to EZCDCREATOR to quietly live with other cdr burning applications. I mean, its like the makers of EZCDCREATOR purposely wanted it to conflict with other progz, so it could be the only one noticed!!!

ok u may be sitting there and asking ure self what the hell is this guy saying…its like he’s answering his own damn post. Well, technically i am, but the real question is how to make ADAPTEC and CDRWIN not conflict with each other…(although i’m not 99.9 sure that the ADAPTEC software is too blame, cause it did work for a day with ADAPTEC on…but strangely after i used EZCDcreator for the first time…CDRWIN refused to work afterwords)

thx for reading and bye

What kind of CDR’s do you use? My dad also had this prob! The prob was the That’s Write CDR’s he used! :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise just use Nero or CCD. They rule! :wink:


Try to uninstall all Adaptec software and CDRWin. U don’t need the driver of HP because CDRWin and Nero wil reconize your burner. Then install CDRWin (for good ISO’s) en Nero (for making good CD’s). Don’t use Adaptec software because there are some conflicts with other burnsoftware.
I’ll hope that this will solve your problem!! :wink:
I use Nero and CDRWin on ME with no problems at all!!!

Try to switch the ASPI from Microsoft/Adaptec to CDRWin.
(Device settings/ASPI)