Urgent: Can somebody confirm this the legendry Benq



Hi, Iv just found a supplier with 1 in stock can some people say if this the same Benq every1 is reccomending:

BENQ DVD±RW/DL 16x6x16x8x DW1650 OEM


I’d buy it if i found it at right price. How much do they want for it?



So this would be better than a pio or liteOn?


Well that’s up to you. The 1650 is a great ([B]16X[/B]) burner and scanner. Looks like a decent price. If you want a newer 18X/20X burner go with the Pio or Litey. The Pio’s are not good for scanning though. Just read around the burner forums to choose.


It all depends on what you are burning. For TY 8X +R they are as good as any burner. For TYG02, the Pioneer 111 and LG burners are better. For MCC 004, again, most burners are good. For MCC 02RG20, again, the Pioneer 111 and LGs are better.


mostly burning verbatim x8(video & data) + the odd music CD

…and would like to get into DL for some select back-up’s


That’s a really good price, I paid over £30 each for my two.

Unfortunately, I never burned 8x Verbs (- or +R) or DL on that drive, so can’t comment there. I’ve found mine are good for audio CD burning, though.