Urgent! Backup for Virtual Guitarist & Electric Edition!

Hello @all,

first of all i’m not a professional PC (Apple or PC) User. I’m only workin with it. No i have a great problem. I buy!!! Steinbergs Virtual Guitarist & Electric Edition. (together 500 Euro!!). Now i want to make a copy for Backup on my server, but all programs (and you can be sure i tried all, also Clone etc.) doesnt work with the first CD of both of them. The second and thirth CDs make copys wirhout probs only the frist breaks all apps. No Application can make a copy. But i saw it by other guys, they have a backup from this. So how they have make it??

Please be sure it works when you want help me, because i have tried hundred of Apps & Tricks and for now, nothing works. It would be great if someone can help me as soon as possible…

Thanks a lot for your service and your forum!


Some protections are hardware dependent as well…so could you please provide a bit more info on the hardware you are using to make a backup?

Furthermore, have you tried a copy protection scanner such as CLonyXXL? That might help identifying the kind of protection used…

Hello, thanks at first for reaction:

I use the Matshita DVD-R UJ-815 (on a Powerbook G4 17") and a Standard Reader on a Sony 1,5 GHz Computer (dont know the special CD-Name, because it owns a friend of mine, we tried yesterday a many things to make a 1:1 Backup, also with Blindwrite)

And the ClonyXXL says he dont knwo the copyprotection and shows 5 Skulls.