Ur screen saver and wallpaper please


I have been searching around and didnt fine any good wallpaper and screen avers so i was hoping u gys could help me out. Please post ur wallpapers and give the link to ur screen saver, Thanks a million.



I use Deviantart they have some great wallpaper…

Thankz drpino & Sexy_Southerner, that link was a lot of help,thankz :clap:

some nice ones here


anytime :bigsmile:

thankz Bjproc, I love the land scape pics. Thankz :clap:

www.worth1000.com :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

http://www.photosig.com (nice for Landscape pics…)

Damn you - I was gonna say that :slight_smile:

To slow :bigsmile:

I ripped the desktop images from my Mac for my PCs. :smiley: