Upstart hopes copy-protection plan sells

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Smarte Solutions comes up with a new copy protection solution. Their protection will be easy to copy, but the software will recognize the copy and when you think you have a succesfull copy and are…

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“…to capture that pirate user and turn them into a paying customer.” :+ Huh, aren’t they naive?! :9 I wonder what “trick” they use to recognize the copy made by CloneCD which makes almost perfect copy (1:1)… Maybe ATIP of the CD-R/W media? - it’s little purpose now, cuz CloneCD offers “Hide CD-R media” feat. It seems like a wind all about the new “protection” :7

I’ve seen this technique used in the software Cooledit 2000. I so far have not found a crack/serial that makes the program function for more than a few operations. After applying a serial/crack on the program, the program will appear fully funcitonal and registered. After a few operations, the menus become greyed out and the program says ‘evaluation copy’! :frowning:

Sounds like a bad crack. A lot of the cracks out ther just don’t work. Sometimes the creators think they work, but are wrong. Other times they are just fakes because people are lame. I’m not familiar wiht Cool Edit 2000 but judging by its name I am guessing it is old and that the cracked version does in fact exist. If this software was not “crackable” then it would have been big news. Search a bit more and I’m sure you will find a working crack

The author of CoolEdit puts quite some work into his copy protections, good practice for newbie/intermediate crackers, but alas it is crackable. Everything that runs on a PC is full stop. It’s like with encryption; you try to find make the program hard enough to crack so as to keep the newbies puzzled and take up as much of the pro’s time as possible hoping maybe they’ll get bored. // swede_242

HI “…to capture that pirate user and turn them into a paying customer.” Well but pirate users are normaly very poor people and they CANT buy the game so thats shit idea. Gräfdig

Sooner or later it will be cracked as with all copy protections. Someone will just make a program that can scan for what way the protection was executed in that place it was installed and then it will know how to crack it. It’s a toughie, but someone will figure it out sooner or later.

Why do the companies hate pirates so much that they torture them with shit like this? The Bible does say Love Your Enemies, Not Hate Them! :4

This is certainly not a new idea. The Amiga games, Gods and Captive, used a similar kind of protection. If you had a bad copy of Gods, the dificulty level was harder than for a good copy, and in bad copies of Captive, you coudn’t use power points to recharge your robots power.

seanbyrne, sounds like you need Paradox’s Cool Edit Pro 2 - far superior to Cool Edit 2000. Try KaZaA (Lite).

Programmers are writing code to snare,trap and eliminate polymorphic virii…so whats the difference…:7

suppose they add this to Norton Anti-Virus… after 30 days it says: you have an illegal copy, please buy the full version or we will put 55 000 virusses on your computer :smiley:

Sounds just like SHAREWARE to me:d