Upside-down, reversed avi files


My avi files of “Hamlet” (Kenneth branagh) - five of them - are all upside-down and reversed.

It is as if you are obliged to get behind the screen and stand on your head to watch the movie

what is wrong? What should i do so that i can watch the movie like the civilised human being that i am?

thank you

Welcome to the forum.

That’s a commercially-available DVD, how did you come to have .avi files of it?

i downloaded the file

sorry folks!

it seems there was some problem in the codec, and a shot of ffdshow (freeware, accessible through google), has clipped the devil’s tail

in case someone else has the same problem, please consider this option. worked like a charm for me

thanks for your help

[QUOTE=lumière;2051004]i downloaded the file[/QUOTE]

Time to read the forum rules carefully!!

i understand that i’m not supposed to post any queries regarding downloaded or illegally acquired material.

mine, obtained from a p2p source, falls within that category and is therefore a forbidden subject

please forgive my solecism