Upside down movies

hello, ok heres my problem

i took 3 avi’s burned them on to a cd using nero into a vcd format. evrything burned well no problems. then i played the vcd in my dvd player and the vidoe was all upside down. audio and everything else was fine.

so i was wondering if there is any way to fix this. theres an option in nero to invert selection but will that invert the video so its right side up or just do something else. THANKS IN ADVANCED.

sounds incredible … sorry i dont have the answer

I’ve heard of this phonomena before … seems to do something with the wrong encoding Nero does. I remember something about a wrong codec in the Nimo Codec pack. Dunno if Nero uses this.

Better use TMPGenc or similar products to encode your .avi files into the VideoCd format… saves a lot of trouble.