Upside down movie

weird responce, when i convert to PS3 format the image is perfect, but when I use the generic version to get am avi format the movie is presented upside down. anyone???/

:eek: Say [B]what[/B] [B]!!! ,[/B] I have seen a lot of different issues but this beats them all :rolleyes:

What do you mean upside down? Do you mean it plays
with the people and seens legs up? or backwards to forwards.
Please post your log.

I mean that the feet are on the top of the screen. sound is perfect.
thanks for anyhelp, I need to have it converted in avi format so I can watch on my media center in my bedroom.

What are you using to play this back? Use one of the PS3 profiles for playback on the PS3. You will have to install/activate them using CutomizeUI->DVD to Mobile in Common Settings. See the Tutorial for instructions.

Hi jd-free and welcome,

Recommend you follow signals’ always sage advice.
In the event you still have problems, I’d look to your codecs, not sure if something is in conflict or you’re missing the appropriate codec.

Anyway, install [B]ffdshow[/B]. It’s free and it once was essential for the preview window in Fab to operate correctly.

If it still plays in “inverted” view, try the following:
In ffdshow settings, there is a configuration setting to flip the picture.

Good luck and let us know.

Thanks for the advice, have ffdshow at home so will try, however I am using a media box (basically a hard drive with firmware that allows direct play to TV) not sure if this will cope without the ffdshow…

I’ve converted over 500 movies with Fab for my media players (DLink, Zensonic, Ziova & MIDTE) and have never EVER seen this problem.

I use the generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy profile.

the codec fixed it - cheers

[QUOTE=jd-free;2222461]the codec fixed it - cheers[/QUOTE]Glad to hear you got it fixed

Put the disc in the other way up :smiley: :smiley:

:bigsmile: LOL