I need a backup for our sever and was looking at this one. Anyone ever use it or have a better suggestion? And how about PCNation are they reputable?

My experience with Belkin is stay away from them.
The company I work for used to use Belkin UPS’ and the guy who bought them basically says he bought them so that surges will kill the UPS instead of the computer.
I’ve witnessed at least three of them go bad after power outages in just the past 35 days or so since I started my job.
We have a bunch of them in the building, probably about ~70, but I think it seems they blow a little too often.
I will say that the ones we’re using are cheap CHEAP ones, so this might not be a bad deal, but my experience is Belkin makes crappy UPS’.

Hope this helps, Ryan.

on ebay you can get a refurbished 1000VA ups SMartups
from APC one of their best for about $100 retails nearly $400
try this seller I have bought 3 from him no problem
one each for 2 computers and 1 for home entertainment
Had major storms electricity gone for hours yet I was able to use my equipment till I could safely shutdown
He even has a 1400VA for about 30 bucks more and you may be able to bargin him down in price
get the black as it is the latest model if you go for 1000VA