Upping the volume while recording?

Hi guys!

I would really appreciate some help here. My daughter is involved in a junior theater group. They made a CD audio track of the music she is to use, but it is so low, she can’t hear it well, even with speakers full blast! I have been searching, but can’t seem to find a program where I can adjust the levels before re-recording the music. Is there something out there that I can use?

I hope you can help! TIA!

What are you useing to play the CD now and what program do you plan to use to re-record it ?

We used a boombox yesterday to play it, then I came home and played it with Windows media player and Winamp. The levels were too low on all three.
For recording, that is what I am asking: what program do I need to record with to cause the audio to be higher?

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Here try this software…Audacity

Audacity is a great program if you want to take the time to learn to use it. You might try http://www.audiograbber.com-us.net/ and adjust the normalizing to boost the audio. Also programs like Nero have normalizing help. Good luck.

Thanks guys! Audacity did the trick! Actually, Audacity told me that it couldn’t do anything unless I ripped the audio CD to an MP3 (or some other format it liked) and then I was able to turn up the gain so we can hear the music.

Thanks again!