Upper limit filesize to write to DL DVD

Tried to write to 4.7 Gig DVD but was told my file was too large (4.4Gig). Then, tried to write to 8.5 Gig DL DVD but was again told my file was too big?

What program are you using to burn the data to the disk? A +R DL disk actually holds about 7.95gb of data.

I recommend Verbatim brand DL disks, and ImgBurn (free) to burn them.

Is this data or something else, like dvd-video?

Thank you Kerry56, I switched to Verbatim (I had been using Memorex DL DVD + R) and I downloaded ImgBurn with the same result. I am backing up my sister’s My Documents directory and she has a file that is 4.4Gig that will not burn because it is too large? (4,440,266,497 ADBESTWDCS4_LS1.7z = part of Adobe CS4 download that she is supposed to back up). I suspect there might be an upper limit to the file size for DVD burning?:confused:

Not if you just use the UDF file system there isn’t.

ImgBurn does actually tell you that if you read the message properly.