Upped pf usage



I just noticed something weird with my computer when it just flat out crashed/overloaded as I clicked on a web link. My pf usage has gone from 2-300mb to high 800 to 900mbs even upon rebooting. My processes are the same as before (nothing new or missing), but now windows open slow and everything is running slow as hell.
CPU usage in task manager is also nearly always above 45% as long as my mouse is moving…
As far as I can tell, there’s really nothing new or different with my computer. The only thing that I specifically recall doing differently is turning back on Windows Automatic Updates like 2 days ago and installing its updates. I’ve turned it off again, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

pf usage: 867MB and still increasing
cpu: 54% +/- a bit

What could it be? Please help me fix this problem (and get my computer back to running fast like usual!).


See what processes are using all the cpu cycles in the task manager


I’ve checked, and the processes are the same ones that ran before my pf usage
went up. The highest CPU is system idle process at 99, and highest memory usage is svchost at 22176K (excluding firefox which is open atm).

Also, I just ran a couple adware scans and cleared history/caches/registries. The pf usage is still up there around 850 to 900mb though.
I’m not doing anything differently, and so far as I can tell (processes and what I’m doing) there’s absolutely no reason it should be so high.
Right now, I only have firefox open, and when it should be 300mb, it’s nearing 900mb in pf usage.

I need help please. Thanks!


System idle process at 99% means your rig is only using 1% of the cpu, is there any one process that is using alot of your cpu?
What are your pc spec? cpu, memory,HDD size and it’s free space, ect.


Oh, sorry. Still, there’s not one process that stands out. They’re all processes I see everyday. At least it’s not something there in windows task manager.

as for specs, XP Pro:
intel duo core; 2.4ghz; 2gb RAM; currently 39GB free on HD (300GB tot).
I’m not that computer savvy, but tell me if need more info.

aaaand windows “encountered a problem” and had to end in the middle of this message. I think explorer.exe? basically all windows functions (taskbar, desktop, etc) restarted, and pf usage is back down to 800MB (from reaching 1GB+).
:sad: WTH is wrong with my computer?


Okay, I fixed it.
Got AVG and found a virus “Klone” in svchost and another file like ~.exe or something.

Yayy computer back to normal. ^^
Still, thanks for replies