Uploading files

I have a good collection of material (movies, ebooks, music, audio books)

can anyone tell me how i can upload these files?

  • creating torrents
  • hash (what is it?)
  • furnishing descriptions
  • connecting the files to the torrents

thank you

Sorry, against forum rules.

but it related to knowledge
nothing bad in it
help him out and me too

If you’re looking to share files privately with friends using BitTorrent, have a look at this link on TorrentFreak which gives a description on how to do this using various popular BitTorrent applications. To make the Torrents public to anyone, just use the “Upload” facility on your preferred BitTorrent tracker websites to make them public.

Just be sure that the content you plan sharing is public domain and does not have restrictions on copying or distribution! If you are not sure (e.g. music, video, etc. files someone gave you, which does not have any copyright info, etc.), then it’s best avoid sharing it to be on the safe side.

Note that once you create a Torrent, no uploading takes place until someone tries downloading what you have shared out. Unlike dedicated file uploading websites (such as Rapid Share, etc.), the files shared are only shared by end-users and not a central server.