Upload problems with png's



I’m having trouble uploading png files, other files seems to work okay, just trying here using a different browser. First is png second is gif.


Strange it seems to work in IE okay, but didn’t work in Firefox. I’m not sure of the reason.


So what’s the problem? These two look fine except the test SUCKS!! There is a limit in the size of the file of some where around 74K and you can only post an image 1 time.



Now the same graphics uploaded using Firefox. First png then gif.


I tried posting the first image in the Re: Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520 Modified Firmware 1.U6 (Beta 6) thread and it did not post, I tried a second time and again it did not post. I have had similar problems on other occasions too. This time it works okay. I will try once more with Proxomitron enabled.


I know it was aweful, that is why I tried posting it. Again another png this time with Proxomitron enabled as it gets rid of all the white on the screen. :slight_smile:


Mmmmm worked this time, I don’t know why it didn’t last night, the attachment showed as uploaded fine, but it didn’t post. Only problem is I won’t be able to post the attachment I wanted to the thread where it’s needed. Doh!


Well hopefully it will continue to work for you. FYI I use png al the time. Seems to behave the best on my puter.



It was extremely late last night, so maybe I just did something wrong, I just hope it works okay next time, as I said that image should of been posted to the correct thread :frowning: