Upload P-CAV and Z-CLV burn speed graphs and quality test results here


Hello. I would like to do a comparison between different drives and writing patterns.

Examples for interesting burning speed test graphs involving Z-CLV and P-CAV:

  • CD-RW ×32 UltraSpeed Plus (aka. US+RW or US+ -RW) (only possible using old desktop drives such as RiteMaster™ SH-S182 or TS-H653).
  • CD-RW UltraSpeed (16×-24×, aka. US-RW), burned using desktop drive and slim laptop drive.
  • DVD-RW ×6 (using slim drive).
  • DVD-RAM, different speeds, eg. ×12, ×3, ×5.
  • DVD+R/R DL, DVD-R/R DL (if they have P-CAV and Z-CLV burning options using your drives).
  • BD-R ×16 ZCLV.
  • DVD-RW×6,DVD+RW×8 from slimtype laptop drive.

If possible, please also upload graphs with quality scan results from the burned discs, so that an interesting quality pattern can be seen.
I would appreciate contributions.

Trivia: I enjoy treating DVDs like USB sticks


I guess this will not work. Simply because you don´t have the choice to burn CAV/P-CAV or Z-CLV with equal speeds because you can only choose the writing speed. It depends on the chosen speed and media which method will be used


The list of possibilities is in the first post.