Upload and Download Speed

Complete nube here, in fact, my first file is in the process of downloading.

I am using the client from www.bittorrent.com version 4.20.9. It is reporting my upload speed at 23 kb/s and download speed at 10 kb/s. I have a cable connection, capable of much higher speeds. Is there anyway to improve the overall speeds? I hear about trying to maintain a ratio, it looks like it is about 3:1 upload:download. How do I adjust that?

There’s alot of cool stuff out there. Why haven’t I been doing this for years?

that 10k is probably as fast as where you’re getting the file from can go…nothing to do w/ your cable connection…it’s fine…I use Utorrent and adjust the upload to around 30k and download speed as unlimited

as far as makin it go faster…nah…just be patient and it’ll probably go a little faster as the night wears on…(when more people d’load the file)…you’ll pick up bits from them at their speed…just wait on em

sometimes your speed depends on how many leecher and seeders are on :wink:
just be patient…like Nosmartz said…
you can go and tweek some of your setting I do the same that hes got 30 on upload and unlimited on download

I find BT too slow most of the time. I’ve started trying to find what I want via the binaries news groups. Currently use two different servers for total of 16 simulataneous connections and often get over 8.2Mbps. Almost instant gratification without sharing anything :smiley:

Cable what / where ?

If it’s UK NTLWORLD, the middle tier has a 200kbit upload, and 23k byte up / 10k down would probably be upload saturation. On that kind of tariff, limit the upload to 20k.

For most ADSLs (256k up) a 30k limit, 25k if you want a bit more leeway for simultaneous browsing, would work.

If the upload is crammed full, ACK responses for the download may be lost or unacceptably delayed.

ADSL2+ D 16.50Mbps/U 1Mbps. Victoria/Australia