First of all just wanted to say hello to everyone. Long time user, but first time poster. But, I have enjoyed reading other postings. They have been quite helpful at times :clap:. Now to my question…I have been a registered user of DVDFab Gold for quite a while now. If I upgrade to Platinum, will I receive lifetime upgrades like I do with the Gold version? I ask this because I see new purchasers of DVDFab do not receive lifetime upgrades, but did not know if this applied to puchasers just upgrading.




Hi Jeff,

If you purchase upgrade after May 8, 2008, you will not receive lifetime free upgrade.

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Not sure where to post this question.
Have DVDFAB Gold V
Trying to upgrade but the site shows ONLY an upgrade to PLATINUM for$19.90,I wonder if anybody has done it and that will be the right choice?
I sent an Email to Support but no answer.thank you


You get [B]updates[/B] for free if you purchased before May 8th, 2008.

If this is what you mean

If you want to [B]upgrade[/B] from Gold to Platinum (which has a lot more features), that is the correct procedure.


Actually, I have Gold and if anything just thought about upgrading to a new version of Gold, but I see the only upgrade is to Platinum.


[QUOTE=davidg;2061530]Actually, I have Gold and if anything just thought about upgrading to a new version of Gold, but I see the only upgrade is to Platinum.

Just download the latest version and install it, then get the version 5 key and install it. All free for existing customers. No need to buy Gold again. You can either download it from the top of this forum or from the web site.
Here is where the key can be had:http://www.dvdfab.com/retrieveregkey.htm
just make sure you select version 5 from the drop down.


Jethro,thanks,there are 3 choices, the first 2 are for full downloads, the last one is for upgrade from Gold to Platinum, if I do that then I guess will have a Platinum, will that upgrade carry the free deal or will by changing from Gold to Platinum come under the new yearly renewal?




You already own gold so just download the newest version, get the version 5 key and your good to go, nothing to buy, and yes if you bought gold before May 8, 2008 you still get free life time updates.
Instead of the by now page you linked to just go to the download page.


Thank you very much, will do.


Everything went perfect, got my new key immediately.
Thank you all for your help.
I want to correct previous comments I made about not receiving rsponse to my questions on their site.
That was my previous experience many years ago when I started to use this program.
This time I received not only one but two responses in less than 24hs via EMail, helpful and courteous,I am very impressed, COULD NOT BEEN ANY HAPPIER.
Is nice to change an opinion for the better.