Upgrading to the 52x liteon speed!

There is a firmware upgrade for the 52x24x52? at the Liteon webpage. Has anyone tryed upgrading a slower cdrw drive to the 52x speed?

Where is the 52X24X52 firmware up? It would probably be here: http://www.liteonit.com/webfw/LTR-52246S/R526S02.zip
But it’s not.

There is a firmware upgrade for the 52x24x52

Please tell me where I can find/buy the Lite 52x24x52?
As far as I know it isn’t released.
They new Lite 48x24x48 writer with mediatek 6 chipset has just yesterday been released.

Anyone know if we can upgrade the 48x12x48 (mediatek 6 chipset!) writer to the new upcoming 52x24x52 (and maybe even to the maybe upcoming 52x32x52)?

on this page www.liteonit.com/index-english.htm

Theres no firmware for the 52x24x52x on LiteON’s web.

Grrrr… Click on my link then click Download and the Firmware. From there you will see the 52x firmware on the page. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, I should have been more detailed.

Still, theres no firmware for 52246S on LiteOn’s web. The drive is listed, but there’s no link (and no folder called 52246S either) :slight_smile:

Oh, I see now grasshopper. Sorry for the false statement then, all because of lack of ambition to click on the link. I just acumed it was there. Thanks for correcting me. :bow:

I didn’t think it would work because of the chipset change to #6. But I still tried a ltr 40126S and a ltr 40125W to the
48x24x48 and with out any success,but as I stated I figured as much.

Dale:) But I still tried a ltr 40126S and a ltr 40125W


40126S??? That model must be new. Newer heard about it.

You maybe mean 48126S or 40125S?