Upgrading to HD Backup Software



As you all know Blu-Ray is the format of the future. HD will become mainstream very soon, most all the DVD Copy Software will have to be updated to deal with this format. What are your thoughts about this. Most programs are implementing yearly upgrade fees, and developing new products. What would you like to see in these products, not necessarily naming products but features in the new softwares. I am always thinking of things that need alot of R&D and would be very happy to find my needs are met. What I want to know from you is, what would you like to see implemented and maybe some reasons why you think its important. :smiley: Thankyou ahead of time for contributing.


Some Blu Ray movies have the main movie contained entirely in the first m2ts file within the Stream folder. But some, mostly those with special editions included, use multiple streams. I’d like any blu ray copying program to identify and deal with these types of movies without much extra effort from the user.

Complete movie backups, including the entire structure of the disk is possible now if the original movie fits your target disk. This capability, while using compression, would be another good option to put into the software.

Multiple options on output would be good too. The ability to output to a dvd-9 disk (BD-9 or AVCHD) would be a nice addition.

The ability to make use of multi-core cpus is a necessity for speeding up the process.

Yearly upgrade fees are just not acceptable to me though. It is, flat-out, a deal breaker. I’ll just continue to use the free tools that are coming out at an accelerating pace. tsMuxeR, tsReMux, X264 encoder, Ripbot264, Eac3to, MeGui, Xvid4PSP, etc., the list is growing quickly and the quality is already good.


Great post Kerry56, I am sure the authors and members will be watching this thread closely.


Myself I really haven’t thought much about BR except that the players and blank media cost too much right now and when they drop in price down the road then I will start thinking about them. Sorry as this isn’t any help to you on this subject but will give it some thought and get back to this thread and thanks Alan for making up this thread as I am sure a lot of people will have imput for it


Kerry56 has hit the nail on the head, I don’t think I can add much right now. I think there should be no additional cost for BR support to a licensened owner of DVD writing software. Also simple to operate, for instance say you just want the main feature(movie). Well it is hard to type right now because my dog keeps holding my hand in her mouth:D. I sure some ideas will come to me in the near future,when I start using BR. P.S. I almost forgot!! something for us quality scanning freaks.
Thanks alan1476.


I would like to see a very (1Click Solution) simple backup program for say just the Main Movie and one Audio stream to start with. The cost of BD-R media is coming down some so maybe just maybe it will soon be cost effective to back up our BD movies.


I would like to see an option just like in Nero9 of burning just the main movie of a blu-ray disc. As it is now w/Nero9 you can only burn the whole Blu-Ray disc.



Great posts everyone and Welcome to CDF Forums Jamesr4199, its nice to have you here. If we provide some feedback here maybe the authors will take a look at this thread and take your posts into consideraton when writing their softwares. So I hope to get more feedback from our members and maybe some author comments.:clap:


I haven’t yet seen a real good money reason to go BD yet as it is still expensive compared to dvd movie and dvd blank media to backup the movie. The quality is good but there has to more reason then just going BD. But I would as them to include in their BD software when they release it to give the endusers ability to remove the extras on the BD so that you don’t have all the extras that isn’t part of the movie play. I don’t have currently BD media or players so I can’t check to see what is actually the movie and extra to see how much space the actually movie really takes up. I think this to me would matter more as I like to watch the movie more without all the extras taking up space that could be better used. Guess I am just confused about going BD but til I really see what Fentago and Slysoft comes up with in the BD software department - I will see how the BD market goes as well.


Hi coolcolors and thanks for your input, there are many software vendors working on new BD Software, I agree with you that the media and the players are a little pricey now, but just like DVD , when it was first released the prices for internal and external drives and players were very expensive but after a few years the prices dropped dramatically, I would think the same will apply here. When that happens the authors of these programs will have to be ready. Even in the past year there has been a real drop in the prices of all BD Hardware from HDTVs to Standalone player and recorders. I just hope the software can keep up the with hardware and have the options needed that we all will enjoy.


[QUOTE=~KIPPER~;2171491]I would like to see a very (1Click Solution) simple backup program for say just the Main Movie and one Audio stream to start with. The cost of BD-R media is coming down some so maybe just maybe it will soon be cost effective to back up our BD movies.[/QUOTE]

Agreed a one click solution for movie only with a few check boxes for movie menus and True HD and Master audio. Kinda like 1click dvd copy Pro.
Prices are coming down, and while the price for players is in the acceptable range now the blank media sill is NOT.


I am sure LG Software will have something up their sleeve. They all will.:wink:


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Great feedback so far. Kerry pretty much picked my brain.
Nicely said Kerry.
A difference of opinion here though…
While I don’t relish the thought of small annual “upgrade” fees, this wouldn’t stop me from purchasing software that fits my needs.

I guess I’d want it all though…easy to configure software yet still allow me to manipulate files as I see fit . I’d also like to see some easy 1 or 2-click bkup options when I’m not in the mood to tinker. Probably my old age setting in since this parallels my thoughts as to why I prefer an easy, retail app that will do-it-all as opposed to the freeware apps. I don’t want to sound like I’m disrespecting freeware here, I’m really just saying I’ve become increasingly lazy.

A few months back, I didn’t give BR much thought. My 22 yo old just picked up a PS3 and a new samsung HDTV. Boy, I’ll tell ya, it didn’t take me long to become a believer. I’m becoming spoiled at an alarming rate. Honestly, until my son actually put BR in my face, I wouldn’t have seriously considered it. When he moves, it’s gonna be hard to give it up.

I also think Kipper is right on the mark when he said that prices are coming down, both for commercial releases but particularly for blank media. I haven’t really looked into burners, but I suspect these are becoming more afforadble and prices will continue to improve for the consumer.

I afraid I caught the bug and I really don’t think I can turn back.


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I’d like to see support for GPU processing as Blu-ray encoding is extremely processor intensive and needs all the help it can get.

Modern programmable GPUs such as the CUDA models from Nvidia are ultimately dedicated to video processing and are therefore extremely highly optimised in this regard.

They are phenomenally fast at encoding and are light years ahead of any current processor. The performance increase of the various distributed computing GPU clients is a testament to this speed especially given that this type of application isn’t what the GPUs were specifically designed for (unlike video encoding).

Blu-ray encodes are currently very time consuming even on the latest hardware and it would be a major boost in encoding times to have support for GPU encoding.

IMO it’s a killer option and whoever supports it first will have a major selling feature. So what I’d like to see is an easy all in one Blu-ray encoder that also runs on the latest GPUs.

Come to think of it, and I don’t know if this is possible, something that used both the main processor and the GPU in parallel would really give some amazing performance.