Upgrading to a NEC ND-3550

I currently have the NEC ND-3520A and have an chance to get the NEC ND-3550. I am curious on if it is that much of a better drive then the 3520 is.

with the right firmware and media the 3520 can burn excellent disks,
I have 3 using 3 different firmwares, 1 3540 and another new 3550.
The 3550 just burned one of the best burns I have had since I ran out of
TY dvd-r 4x media.

I had a Nec 3520 and now have a 3540 and a 3550. The 3520 gave me the best results. Currently, i’m having all sorts of issues with my 3550 and isn’t near the burner that the 3540 or 3520 is.

for the 3550 try liggy’s new firmware 1.Y4 and some verbatim MCC 004 disks,
one spike less and it might have made a 99

the nec 3520 firmware is definitely mature, my burns on TYG01’s were my best ever, the 3540 might reach that maturity, the 3550 is only started.