Upgrading Sony CRX210E1@LTR52246s gives read problems

Just tested last weekend. I’ve flashed my drive back with original Sony firmware (2YS2) and made some scans of CD’s I’ve burned earlier with LiteOn’s firmware. I notified I don’t get any yellow block and drive doesn’t make so much noise as with LiteOn firmware. Same CD tested with LiteOn firmware gives a lot of read errors?!

So my concluison is : it is not really good idea to @ this drive with LietOn firmware and then use this drive as reader.

the reason it doesn’t make as much noise is that the sony firmware restricts the drive to 40x unless u do their dumb “turbo mode” thing. this in turn is probably the reason why u don’t read the same errors w/ the sony firmware as u do w/ the lite-on firmware, cuz there are fewer read errors at lower speeds.


I don’t get any error on my LTD-165H and this drive is reading CD’s much faster than my writer. So what U say about not getting error’s because lower speed is not logical. My point is that LiteOn firmware doesn’t control the drive’s speed on the proper way.

u don’t seem to understand what i’m saying. the sony firmware defaults to 40x read/write speed unless u hold down the eject button for 5 seconds, in which case it’ll enter “turbo mode” and allow reading/writing up to 52x. lite-on firmware has no such restriction and is in “turbo mode” all the time.

the LTD-165H still reads cds slower (at 48x) than the 52246S (at 52x), and the default sony reads slowest of all (at 40x).

The funny thing is that enabling TurboBoost limits the drive to 40x whereas disabling it increases the speed… odd, no?