Upgrading Pioneer 110D

In response to a previous query on the ‘newbie’ forum concerning the best method of upgrading three Pioneer 110D writers in a 1:3 duplicator from firmware 1.7 to firmware 1.39, I received the following good advice:

“I would do it the safe way and take each Pioneer 110D writer in turn, physically connect it to my computer and install the upgrade from the hard drive! That way you could also at the same time turn your Pioneer 110D into 110XL and use some of the extra features of the 110XL the 110D doesn’t have. For more info look in the Pioneer Forum the members there a very helpful”

I now feel the best way of effecting this upgrade would, in fact, be to remove the drives from the duplicator and upgrade them individually via the computer.

My query here concerns the reference to the 110XL firmware upgrade regarding it possible/safe to to upgrade the 110D drive to 110XL and if this is possible what would be the advantages of doing so?

I have tried to make comparisons via the Pioneer web site but this has added to my confusion…

Any advice appreciated…

You should first try with the official updates and see how this works and if it works at all for you.