Upgrading New Pc

I have recently just bought a Gateway DX4200-09
http://www.gateway.com/systems/product/529668220.php#techspecs<—Link to specs

I bought this computer bc it was a really good deal but i want to upgrade it quite a bit over the next few months. I wouldn’t mind changing out the processor and graphics card but i’m not sure what i need to make that possible. I wanted to upgrade to the Geforce GTX 285 and the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor Model HDZ955FBGIBOX. Sorry for all the extra info but just in case it helps with responses. Also if these seems like too much let me know some recommendations.

Before you start replacing CPU’s and video cards, replace the power supply with a high quality unit, as the one that is inside that machine is most likely junk.

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As already stated a new PSU is a must since the original is only 300W and could only support a relatively low end video card. The CPU might not be as easy to upgrade, also you chose a PII CPU and there’s a good chance that the MB will not support a PII. The BIOS of most OEM systems is usually a cut down version and will not support a lot of CPU’s. Your original cpu is pretty good quad core but not very fast for gaming, but a good video card will help out a lot especially over the crappy on board video that came with your PC.

A good upgrade would be:
EVGA 896-P3-1262-AR GeForce GTX 260

Yes that PSU has enough power to support that setup. Its the best bang:buck for your scenario.

Thanks for the welcome to the forum and all the info guys. I have another couple of questions as well. Is it easy to install the new psu into the computer? Also i have seen there are different kinds of ddr2 memory as far as 800 or 1066. Whats the difference?

DDR2 1066 is for people who are going to overclock. Because your PC is OEM it most likely doesn’t have the capability to OC. I’m not 100% sure but I think the new PII cpu’s want 1066 RAM but with memory dividers it can probably run on 800Mhz ram fine.

For your setup I think getting a GPU faster than the GTX260 would be a waste because you will be limited by you CPU. But if you want to get a faster card anyway, you will need a more powerful PSU than the one I suggested.

Oh, and replacing the old PSU is pretty easy, you just unplug the two connectors to the MB and the ODD and HDD connectors, then remove the four screws holding the PSU in the case and it should come right out. In some cases the MB has to be removed to get the PSU out. Make sure you plug the two power connectors in the new video card after you install it. When reconnecting everything the connectors should slide on and snap, if you have to force it then its probably the wrong connector.

One more question lol. I have 4 GB of ram. Is this more than enough or is it worth ugrading to 6 or 8 GB?

I also have a 64bit OS and I do have 8GB of ram but thats only for certain software that is also 64bit and can utilize it. Like Photoshop CS4. But few people have enough programs open to use more than 4GB of ram. Try it and open a bunch of programs then look in the Task Manager to see how much ram is being used.

Some games might push the 4GB area, so if you plan to play a lot of games then you might consider it. Another thing to consider is to get ram thats going to be compatible with whats in your system now. And whether or not your BIOS has any voltage adjustments in it for the RAM. To play it safe you would want to get ram that is meant to work on a low voltage, that being 1.8V. Here’s a list of what should be compatible with whats in there now, Link , I would suggest to go with those G.skill’s at $45

Before adding anything to the PC make sure you power down and unplug the main power cord.

Sounds good, thanks alot man