Upgrading Nero

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, but I did search and was unable to find anything.

One of my colleagues has a cut down version of Nero (Nero 6 OEM?) supplied with his Lite-on DVD. He wants to upgrade to full retail package.

It is sowewhat unclear from the Nero site if all you need to do is download Nero 6 Reloaded and then just purchase a new key. Can anybody confirm this?

Also as far as I can see from the website, if you already have a Nero OEM 6 version, the key is somewhat cheaper?

I suggested he downloaded a demo version of Nero 6 Reloaded first, and try it first. However the website says “a demoversion will be available soon”. When you click on the doanload button, this gives you the standard upgrades and gives a message “This is not a demo version - you need a Nero 6 key”. (This does not strike me as particulalry helpfull!)

If he downloaded the normal retail version and used his current key, then I assume he would only have access to his current features, or would the other features be available on a demo licence basis (hopefully?)

Thanks for any help.

If you download the upgrade, and run it, it will upgrade the OEM version to the latest. To get all the features of Ultra, then you can buy the upgrade serial they have available. When you put in the serial, it will unlock all the ultra features. Everything is already there, you just need the right serial to unlock features.

Don’t dare upgrade, I tried that in December and the software has not been usable since.

Its crap.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.