Upgrading NEC drives

Hey guys… its about that time!

I have a 3540a and a 4570a and want to upgrade them to SATA drives.

Reason: I want to be able to use Discjuggler without any problems from my IDE drives…

What I’ll be doing: Burning Audio, a little DVD and Ripping… I would like to stay with the nec brand… but id consider others


You may consider the Optiarc AD-7240S drives or (in case they’re not yet available in your area) the AD-7200S (5200, 7201 or 7203 would be fine too - depending on your required features)

You won’t find new NEC drives, but Optiarc was built as a joint-venture between NEC and Sony and for a few months now they are fully owned by Sony - but still using NEC electronics inside.

hey liggy thanks!!

just got 3 Optiarc AD-7240S, boy these drives are SWEET! thanks liggy! also should i update the firmware? current, they have 1.00 on them