Upgrading Lite-On 32x CDRW Drive



Hi, is it possible to upgrade this drive to a 40x speed drive? If yes, is it easy to upgrade or is it worth it? I just bought this CDRW Drive and so far its working very well. Can you re-direct me to a website that has detailed instructions on how to upgrade this drive (including the software). What's the most stable firmware available for this drive?

Thanks so much. Regards. :slight_smile:


It’s right in this forum. Check the sticky posts.


How will I know what kind of chipset does my drive has? Thanks again.


You know it from you signature! 32125W


Also can I upgrade my 32x directly to 48x? without going through 40x? I also saw two version of 40x firmware which is LTR-40125S and LTR-40125W, which of these two should I use? Im currently using LTR-32125W with WBS2 firmware according to Nero Info Tool.

Lastly I also saw the LTR-48125W, is this compatible with my drive.

Sorry If I ask too much, just wanted to make sure that Ill be doing the right thing. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Also can I upgrade my 32x directly to 48x?

Of course you can. You should use VS02.


Is this an official 48x update? Thanks.


It’s the official firmware for real 48125W-drives, but it works with all xxxx5x drives.


Thanks so much, you’ve been very very helpful. Will upgrade the drive later, will let you know if all goes well :slight_smile: thanks again.