Upgrading laptop hard drive

i’ve replaced/added/cloned hard drives to my desktop machine with no problems, but now that my laptop warranty has ended, i’m thinkink about replacing the 80gig with something bigger. is this something i can do? surely it’s not as easy as with my desktop. any advice would be appreciated.

Hi and Welcome!

HDDs are often the parts of a laptop that can be replaced most easily.
It is a good idea to check whether a maintenance manual exists (such exist with Dell, HP/Compaq and IBM/Lenovo).
For other brands, googleing for “myLaptop dismantling” will often give excellent results.

Since you want your HDD replaced by something bigger, you should also find out if your notebook supports larger HDDs than 120 GB.


As mciahel has stated the HDD is one of the few items of a lptop that is easy to replace.
Check your manuel for the specifics.

mciahel & bean55, thanks for the response. i just downloaded the maintanence and service guide for my puter from hp. it looks like something i may be able to handle. i’m not sure where to find the info on whether my laptop will support hd’s larger than 120gig, but will do some googlin’…thanks again