Upgrading GPU's in WIN XP? 8500GT - 9500GT

Upgrading GPU’s in WIN XP? 8500GT - 9500GT

 I currently have a GeForce Nvidia 8600GT PciE with 512 MB, I’ve had a few years, and I think I paid about $160.00 for it new.  

I just saw that FRY’S Electronics has a Galaxy GeForce Nvidia 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 Video card for $70.00 - $40.00 mail in.

I am currently using Windows XP, and have not felt confident to upgrade to Windows 7, then having to upgrade (from what I hear) mostly the whole software and maybe hardware to accommodate this new OS. The upside will be that I can then use more DDR System memory than my limited 3.3 GB of Ram, it also depends if I go the 32 BIT or 64 BIT OS, but that’s another story, for another day.

Would it be a “smart” upgrade, or would it NOT make that much difference in using Photoshop or Pinnacle Studio 14 HD? I’ve never heard of GALAXY before, but GeForce also has EVGA, and BTG 9500GT PciE, but somehow feel that if I get the DDR2 9500GT, I will have to upgrade again if I go with Windows 7, to the newer DDR3, and DDR4 etc., ever changing hardware.

Whew! Hard to keep up. Ssooooo, I want want to throw away any money now if soon I decide to upgrade the Windows 7 then have to but a new GPU, or would it matter?
Thanks for any input.

From 8600 to 9500 may not make much difference, a lot will depend on your computer specs.

Would need to know your computer specs to say much more.
Motherboard model number would help a lot.

From an 8600 GT to a 9500GT? Waste of money, IMO. The 9500 might be even slower than your old card.


UPgrading to Windows 7 is not that difficult. I do it for clients with slower XP and Vista based machines. I am writing this on an AMD Athlon 64X2 based machine with 2Gig of RAM. Works fine with a GEForce 6200 AGP card. If you are a gamer the card you have should still be OK, but not necessarily for the latest ones. PCIe 8600card is fine and you can update the drivers and software for it on the nVidia site quite easily. I am also assuming that you want to use Windows 7 32 bit, which has few if any issues with older software packages. I have several that are from Windows 98 that run like new, without issues. I do agree that you may be wasting money by changing the card. BTW: the card you have has enough memory on it for most things.